About Us


Custom Sewn Products operates out of a 15,000 square foot building on 5 acres located in Amsterdam, New York’s Industrial Park. This area has a long history in the needle trades, giving us easy access to experienced workforce and support services. Started in 1997, Custom Sewn Products is a division of Saratoga Horseworks, Ltd, a leading manufacturer of American made equine clothing and accessories. By 1998 Custom Sewn Products was producing goods for several clients in the scuba diving, skiing, firearms, and equine industries. Our track record in the dive industry, coupled with President Michael Libertucci’s personal diving background made the dive industry our fastest growing segment and represented our largest client base by 2003. As the demand for our technical design and commercial sewing skills increased, Custom Sewn Products purchased a state of the art computer guided cutting machine and computer design system. This investment allowed the business to cut down on lead times, decrease material waste, rapidly design new products for customers, and make incremental improvements without having to cut new patterns.

As the business continued to grow and expand, a state of the art RF welding machine was purchased to bring the process in house. With the ability to both sew and weld products under one roof, Custom Sewn Products offers clients increased efficiency and a high level of quality for sewn and sealed goods. In 2012 Custom Sewn Products became approved by Underwriters Laboratories as a UL Certified Manufacturing Site for US Coast Guard Approved Personal Flotation Devices. Around this time, the business built an in-house testing lab in order to perform tests on materials received, in process checks on assemblies, and final product quality tests for customers unable to do so themselves.

Today, Custom Sewn Products serves clients in over 10 different industries. Our contract manufacturing customers appreciate our dedication to the entire production process. With the ability to design, produce, and test sewn and sealed goods under one roof, we are able to help customers bring quality, innovative products to their respective markets.

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