Production Capabilities


  1. Eastman Eagle C125 Cutting System (shown above, left)
    • The Eastman Eagle C125 is a computer-guided, single-ply conveyorized cutting machine that optimizes fabric yield for economical manufacturing. It’s engineered to cut technical and industrial fabrics with the utmost speed and control. At 84″ wide, this machine exceeds the industry standards for accuracy and is capable of marking and drilling fabric for efficient sewing.
  2. Eastman Talon X75 Cutting System (shown above, right)
    • The Eastman Talon X75 is a state-of-the-art multi-ply cutting machine that was added to our facility in 2020. Ideal for large product runs, this 72″ wide machine can precisely cut through 3″ of industrial materials. The increased efficiency results in quicker production and therefore lower costs to you.
  3. Other Cutting Techniques
    • When certain applications call for hand cutting, we utilize our traditional cutting table measuring 78” wide and 60’ long with the ability to cut 8” deep. For contract jobs requiring large quantities of exact pieces, utilizing heavier materials, or that have tight turns and corners our 25-ton Swing Away Die Cut Machine produces quality results in a timely fashion. We also have in-house programmable strip cutters which are more advanced than most allowing for elaborate combinations of cut pieces. They are capable of hot and cold cuts, angled cuts, hot punching, and pen marking for quick and efficient cutting of straps and bindings.

Click here to view a video to learn more about the benefits of our computer-guided cutting machines. 


In 2010 Custom Sewn Products brought welding in-house to offer clients increased efficiency and a higher level of quality. We currently produce various air-holding products utilizing RF welding, ultrasonic bonding, or hot air welding. Examples include bladders for scuba buoyancy compensators, U.S. Coast Guard Approved Personal Flotation Devices, flexible hyperbaric chambers, and various water park safety devices. Our welding equipment includes:

  • 20 Kilowatt RF Welder
  • 10 Kilowatt RF Welder
  • 6 Kilowatt RF Welder
  • 20 Kilowatt Bar Machine
  • Sono Bond Ultrasonic Bond
  • Miller Weld Master Hot Air Welder

Click here to view a video to learn more about RF Welding


Staffed with experienced, well-trained machine operators, and a production supervisor with 25+ years of experience in the needle trades, our production team is capable of handling any commercial sewing job. The current machine inventory consists of all modern machines including:

• 40+ Single needle lock stitch-needle fed & walking foot
• Programmable pattern stitchers (large format)
• Double needle lockstitch
• Cover seam
• Mock safety overlocks
• Electronic programmable zigzag machine
• Electronic programmable bar tackers
• Cylinder bed walking foot machine
• Heavy-duty walking foot machine


As of 2022, we’ve added a state-of-the-art 28” x 16” AP Laser machine to our facility. The 80W glass laser tube offers exceptional performance and efficiency. The possibilities are endless with complex engraving and cutting on most materials. From the smallest detail to large designs, our team can make your product truly one-of-a-kind. 

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