Design & Development

Custom Sewn Products is able to assist a customer from the concept stage to the distribution stage of a product or line of products. Time and time again, we have offered creative answers to development problems that have put our clients a step ahead of their competition. Click here to watch a video to learn how we designed and produced the first-ever fabric re-breather cover for one of our dive industry clients.

Listed below are some of the pre-production and management services we offer:


Technical Design

Custom Sewn Products is capable of providing cost-effective design and fabrication. We take the time to learn about the look and features you are after and then offer creative design solutions to meet those needs.


Materials Sourcing

We have long-standing relationships with vendors offering a wide range of textiles for many applications. Our memberships in various trade organizations give us additional resources to locate hard to find materials. Additionally our multiple sources help assure there will always be an available source of goods for your project when it exceeds your forecasts.


Sample & Prototype Making

Our 3D product rendering capabilities speeds up the design process by  allowing customers to analyze new product designs or design revisions and make changes before a physical sample is even sewn together. Whether you need just one prototype for pattern approval, a larger quantity for market testing, or even sales samples, we can deliver.


Tooling Design & Sourcing

We strive to create your product at the lowest possible cost without sacrificing quality and functionality. One way we achieve this is by designing and sourcing specialized tooling for RF welding or automated sewing.


CAD Pattern Making & Grading

With a state of the art CAD pattern making system your patterns will be accurate and ready for any future revisions. We are capable of converting most file types to work with our system, or digitize older paper board patterns. Products requiring multiple sizes can be digitally graded to whatever size range you wish and fine tune the fit and function of each size. The CAD program integrates with our computer guided cutting machine and lays out highly efficient markers to achieve the best material yields possible.

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