Product Identification

  • Four-head, sixteen-needle high-speed embroidery machines
  • Digitizing of logos or custom designs
  • Laser engraving
  • Heat transfers
  • UPC bar-coding
  • Tagging and bagging

A product is not complete without proper branding! Custom Sewn Products offers embroidery, heat transfer, laser engraving, and sewn-in label options for your product. Our four-head, sixteen-needle high-speed embroidery machines sew out 1,000 stitches per minute for upscale logo designs in any size. Since embroidery is on-site, we can sew out your design on cut pieces rather than a finished product, giving you more placement options. The newest addition to our arsenal is a 28” x 16” AP Laser Machine capable of cutting and engraving intricate designs on leather, metal, and most fabrics. This opens the possibilities to set your product apart even further. Heat transfers and sewn-in labels are also available options to give your commercial sewing project the look you desire. We’re happy to assist with sourcing these as well. Finish the job with tagging, bagging, and UPC bar-coding, and your custom product is ready to hit the shelves!

Click here to watch a video to learn more about our branding capabilities

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